Transcription, by Kate Atkinson (Doubleday 2018)

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The Second World War continues to provide inspiration to novelists, who can often reveal information that historians can't, especially when imagining espionage activities which clearly took place. Michael Ondaatje's recent novel Warlight explores similar territory to this novel, and also William Boyd's Restless. Those who took part in espionage during the war find that their activities come back to haunt them years later.
Transcription follows a young girl who is reluctantly drawn into this world in 1940, monitoring Britains fascist sympathizers for MI5. 10 years later, she finds figures from her past reappearing. The story unfolds in different timelines, and builds to a satisfying climax. It's perhaps not as good as the two novels mentioned above, a little too wordy perhaps, and written in a quite gushy style; but the story is good, and the tension terrific.