The Way Home, by Mark Boyle (One World 2019)

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Mark Boyle, a former business graduate, became disillusioned with the modern world, so a few years ago he spent three years living without money, and wrote about it in The Moneyless Man, which was a massive success and translated into over 20 languages. Now he has decided to live without modern technology: no running water, no electricity or anything it powers, no phone or internet; just a wooden cabin he built himself. In this book he tells of a year making fire, collecting water, foraging, fishing, existing and working in tune with the passing seasons and nature. It's a powerful, life affirming account, and while not every reader will want or be able to go as far - it's a very physically demanding life - he does confront many of our assumptions and things we take for granted. This is a very thought provoking book, a lesson for all of us, it will inspire us to live differently.