You Know What You Could Be: Tuning Into The 1960s, by Mike Heron and Andrew Greig (riverrun 2017)

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In this book, Mike Heron, founder member of The Incredible String Band in 1966, chronicles his experiences of the early days of the band. They were founded in Edinburgh, and eventually became, for a short time, big and influential in the psychedelic-folk genre. Following Heron's entertaining 100 page first section of the book, Andrew Greig takes up the story of his own less successful music career with 'Fate & ferret'. Significantly influenced by ISB, they played covers, traditional folk tunes and wrote some originals, hung out with influential producer Joe Boyd, Fairport Convention and the Moody Blues, but never quite made it and eventually fizzled out. It's a fascinating look at the scene of struggling bands in the 1960s, cold dingy flats, endless cups of tea, regular sorties to London with tapes to give to record producers; other musicians talented and not, some who made it and some who didn't. It's perhaps a little too long, but amusing and moving by turn.