Larrimah, by Caroline Graham & Kylie Stevenson (Allen & Unwin 2021)

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This book is drawn from a 2018 podcast called Lost in Larrimah, and it concerns a man who went missing in mysterious circumstances from a town called Larrimah, in Australia's Northern Territory. At the time Larrimah's population was 12, and they all appeared to dislike everyone else in the town. It's a wildly amusing and intriguing book, as the authors travel around some of the world's most remote regions, attempting to piece together Paddy Moriarty's life and find out what might have happened. It's one of Australia's most fascinating disappearances - his keys, wallet and hat were left in his house, but his dog is also missing. The book covers about three years from the date of his disappearance, and includes an account of the inquest, as well as the history of the town and the area. A deeply eccentric, but fascinating and compelling book.