Far North, by David White & Angus Gillies (Upstart 2023)

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Far North is a book related to a TV series, which tells the true story of the Ninety Mile Beach drug heist from 2016, in which a shambolic group of loosely connected small time drug dealers attempt to import 500 kg of meth, worth, apparently, up to half a billion dollars. It's a comedy of errors, as they, despite themselves, almost get away with it. It was at the time NZ's biggest ever drug bust. The book and the TV series are slightly different, in that there is a bit more detail in the book about the background of the characters, and the TV dramatisation features more of the Chinese connections and their end of the operation. It's an enjoyable romp rather than serious investigative journalism, to the extent that I think there is another book in this case. I would have liked more of the trials and the police evidence, but it's a cracking read, and I'm also enjoying the TV version.