Light Over Liskeard, by Louis de Bernieres (Harvill Secker 2023)

Neil's picture

I haven't read de Bernieres for some years, so it's good to know that he is as inventive, intelligent and clever as always. Light Over Liskeard is a funny book about the end of the world, which is a tricky thing to pull off. It's set in the near future, where England has been 'rewilded' and lynxes and aurochs roam, bots do most of the work so people don't have jobs and have nothing to do, eccentrics abound. Q has retreated to remote Cornwall, as his work for the government as a quantum cryptographer has led him to believe that societal collapse is imminent. It's a very dark scenario, and totally convincing, but the book is written in the author's typically wry style, with warmth, humanity, and hope.